With our wide range of products, Global Filter's cartridges and vessels can be used in a variety of applications. Our goal is to improve your process and successfully tackle difficult challenges. Working closely with our customers, our team of engineers and technicians work to identify specific filtration needs and provide research and development support for major filtration projects, while being attentive to objectives for product cost and schedule.

Pleated Cartridges cta

Pleated Cartridges

The multi-layer, fiber-based medias provide true depth-loading for high efficiency removal at low micron ratings.  

pleated membrane cartridges

Pleated Membrane Cartridges

Offering the same benefits of standard pleated depth cartridges, but with targeted medias for the removal of particulate and microbial contamination often for final filtration in demanding applications.

High Flow Cartridges cta

High Flow Cartridges

High Flow Filters offer the benefits and efficiencies of pleated filters and the ability to handle a wide range of applications at higher flow rates. Increased filter surface area allows for higher flow capacity per filter and can help reduce costs associated with filter replacement.

depth cartridges cta

Depth Cartridges

Ideal for a wide range of applications where high-volume usage and frequent filter changeout is required. Gradient density and zone depth construction are used to remove coarse and fine particulate.

Liquid Filter Bags

Liquid Filter Bags

Adaptable to a very wide range of applications, liquid bag filters accommodate both nominal and absolute efficiencies in micron ratings from 1 to 1500. These economical filters are versatile and meet the requirements of a variety of high flow configurations.

filter vessels cta

Filter Vessels

Offered in both code and non-code designs, Global Filter’s vessels meet the process requirements for numerous applications and industries.